Monday, March 29, 2010

It’s SPRING TIME! I’ve decided to incorporate my daily commute home from my job into my training. So, every day, rather than taking the smelly, dirty bus home, I change into sweats in a tiny office bathroom stall and head on down through town to a beautiful wooded trail between my office and my home.

Not only do I enjoy patting myself on the back for being so earth friendly but, I also enjoy that time to pretend my phone doesn’t work while listening to the spring birds tweeting, the occasional bike wiz past, and my feet pound the pavement. It is so therapeutic. My walk is about 3.5 miles and on the days I go to the gym after work; it’s a full 4.5 mile walk. I walk every single day, rain or shine. On the rainy days, I accessorize my outfit with a huge pink umbrella which I’d really like a lot of compliments on except there is no one on the trail those days except this guy… otherwise the trail is basically empty on cloudy days, drizzly days, rainy days... Wusses!

Not only has my body adjusted to the daily walk home (that I hope to make a daily walk to and from work) but my soul has adjusted to the daily walk. I spend the entire day longing for the moment when I can slip on my super comfortable pink and gray tennis shoes, zip up my jacket, and walk away every concern I have. My stress melts off my shoulders as I take each additional step. Who knew training could be so wonderful! I’ve become such an addict that on weekends, I insist we walk everywhere. My husband is thrilled. And by thrilled I mean, he hates it. Last weekend, I insisted we walk downtown to go out to dinner. So, of course, I decided to take it to the extreme and walk downtown in HIGH HEELS… 3.5 miles in HIGH HEELS. I do this walk every day and it doesn’t hurt my feet, so clearly it won’t hurt in high heels. I’m not always the brightest. Now my little heels look extra fashionable with a big bandaid on my blister:

Never the less, back to the joys of walking… No longer do I have to look at dirty ice clumps and melted puddles of mud. I now get to see FLOWERS!!!

This week, the trail will be lined with beautiful pink cherry blossoms… I cannot wait! I’m going to spend a few extra minutes diverted in the cherry blossom lined neighborhoods and relishing in the luster of Spring. Thank God for Zyrtec! Now, if only Summer could just take its time on arriving. I’m not looking forward to hot itchy hives, frizzy hair, and stink.

Until then, train on my lovely 3 Day walkers! Enjoy the beautiful sights as nature dresses up to thank you for your magnificent strides for a cure!


  1. Odd that you didn't include a reference to the fun walk home from dinner after you got the blister... :)

  2. That walk home totally counted for a least a mile! :) I also think you should be thankful that I only took a picture of my bandaid-ed blister and not the blister itself. You are welcome. Love, Jenny.

  3. Awesome job on all the walking! I'm sure that'll make the 60 miles a little bit easier... having your body all trained for that. This is my first year doing the 3-Day so I'll be keeping close tabs on your blog for tips! Thanks for sharing!

    ~*~ Beckie ~*~

  4. This is also my first time doing the walk so I too will be watching your blog for tips.

  5. Smart! Sounds like a win all around!

    I'm doing the DC walk this year, my first 3-day, and have just started training. Not sure what I've gotten myself into, but am looking forward to the challenge!